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Welcome To Living Well

May 30, 2019

Welcome to our very first blog, or if you will, a research project on our company motto, ‘Living Well.’ With it, we will try to figure out what ‘Living Well’ means to different people, why it should matter at all, and along the way, hopefully add a little dose of inspiration to your day.

‘Living Well’ is close to our hearts as a company and close to mine as the founder because it really is something that we have been committed to providing our customers from day one. It has acted as our compass and is one of the reasons we love coming to work every day. All of the team feel a sense of joy every time we finish another home and the owners tell us they are enjoying life more. We probably should think more about selling stuff, but it has never been what we are about. From choosing which brands to partner with or thinking about expansion and next steps, we have always put the customer and how we can make their lives better as our first priority. Luckily, this perspective has allowed us to grow over the years, maintaining good relationships with our early customers and eventually their children.

I am quite certain that from one person to the next, ‘Living Well’ means different things and the importance they give to the various activities that enable it fall in different orders. We don’t think there is any real right or wrong, but as in all things, age and experience do make a difference to the choices we make. If having a good life is valued, then the refinement process will be continuous and evolve over time.

Living well to me and my wife revolves around our personal preferences of privacy, quality, quiet, calm and thoughtful design that invites rather than provokes, and is there for the well-being and pleasure of the residents, rather than to make a statement or to impress. Therefore, living well to us is about truly understanding ourselves then designing a life, its moments and the spaces that enable it.

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